What does inspiration mean to you?

Oxford dictionary defines it as “being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something creative or a sudden brilliant, creative or timely idea.

I find inspiration in many ways… a horseback ride, an art museum, a sunrise or its mate – a sunset, listening to children talk and giggle, reading a book, attending a concert but one of my favorites is travel – no matter where I’ve traveled, I am inspired by the natural beauty, the architecture, the essence of its culture and its art represented in sculpture, paintings or textiles.

While visiting East Africa I was struck with similarities of the Maasai tribe and South West Pueblo Indian artwork, design and colors. How could that be? The distance is 9,136 miles, the common ancestor is millions of years distant yet there was an uncanny sameness, even their adobe and thatch homes and walls were similar.

I realized we are all still tribes that are interconnected by our humanity. I was inspired to create a literal common thread around the world with a visual wearable product to raise awareness that we have a commonality that is undeniable.

And if we travel further back into prehistory, we find ancient sites in the Middle East, Asia, the Russian Steppes and throughout Europe that indicates community, rituals, esoteric spirituality all encapsulated in their art.

I have often wondered what inspired those artists, were they asking the same questions that we do today? Interestingly, art is something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful, inspiration!

I hope you are inspired by my wearable art.

Until next time,